Financially and psychologically, creating and growing a startup is rewarding. Once I found my state of hyper focus, I began to pump out many “microstartup” projects within a matter of weeks. In my later posts, specific projects will be announced and introduced to the public. Straight out of “stealth mode,” each microstartup will focus on creating innovative services and products.

I used to procrastinate with tasks and I especially had difficulty moving projects out of the idea phase into development and launch. Then I had my AHA! moment. What did I start doing differently? I was no longer distracted. I began to count my time spent.

Distractions can plague a “microstarter;” a person cultivating, developing, and growing a startup with merely crumbs of resources. But we microstarters are still rich even with our crumbs. Rich I tell you! Rich with: skill, time, ambition, relationships, tools, envisage, and determination (STARTED).

STARTED is an acronym used to help myself and others understand what resources I have and how to use them to avoid distraction and ensure greater likeliness of success.

A microstarter must be as efficient and effective as possible. My take on what it takes to get started involves knowing, researching, and acquiring to following:

  • Skill: expertise and talent. What a person brings to the table matters. Keep developing skills parallel and even opposite of what you know. Why not? Results may inspire more microstartups. More importantly, skills are essential — just as vitamins are to the body — to create, maintain, and grow.
  • Time: efficient and effective use of one’s focused time. For me I am best at hyper focusing when I compartmentalize, organize, and complete tasks as soon as they come to mind, without chronological order. As Ben Franklin used to daily, ask yourself; “What good did I do today?”
  • Ambition: how hungry are you at succeeding? Your capacity is only limited by your resources, unlike your ambition. Ambition’s capacity is limited by just your imagination!
  • Relationships: friendships and bonds are awesome for social feedback and maybe leads and beyond! They can lead to introductions to investors, business owners, and maybe even future fun/life partners 😉
  • Tools: what you use. Gizmos. Software.
  • Envisage: ability to envision a future where specific startups may thrive.
  • Determination: unwavering consistency and purpose; while still remaining rational and open-minded to feedback.

I’m thinking of writing an eBook shortly, titled something along the lines of: “MicroStartups. Get STARTED.”
Stay with me as I post about my microstartup life and ventures.