I am a believer that motivation is found intrinsically. Sure, motivation can come extrinsically because of various psychological aspects, but ultimately the most powerful form of motivation comes from within. So, set sail inwards! You are the captain of your vessel.

1. Planning & goal-setting

Figuring out what you want from life is essential to your well-being. Whether it is a materialistic desire, financial needs that must be met, etc. Lay it out and start a road-map of your goals. Start with achievable goals within the year, then continue on to map out more long-term objectives.

Get out a piece of paper, your notepad, or open word processor. Just begin thinking about your goals, and set ones you really care about down — along with rough time-frames. This will help turn your thoughts and desires into well-formulated, achievable goals!

2. Achieve a high-degree of self-control

The key to unlocking your full potential is to destroy any excuse you use to contribute to limiting beliefs. You are great and limitless! Focus on what you are able to do, rather than looking for imperfections and roadblocks to dwell upon. Learn more about unlocking your full potential by looking inward, versus what people think about you and how many likes you have on your latest profile picture.

3. Leverage yourself for success

Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it you can do it.” Leverage yourself for success and achieve exactly what you desire. You are, after all, great! Don’t ever let yourself (or anyone) tell you otherwise. It is important to start inwards before we look outwards — to begin motivating others; from team members to partners to family and friends.