My compass is persisting.
Make the why die.
Keep focus.
Keep moving, improving.
If it’s not worth losing, keep or improve it.
Definitely lose what is anchoring.
Breath the fresh air.
In and out. First through your nostrils.
Hold it in. Exhale.
You are great.
Appreciate life.
Eliminate all strife.
In your life and beyond your pond.
Be a bother.
Be strong.
Eradicate ignorance.
Find repentance. Eschew the wrongs of the past.
Firstly within yourself.
Be forgiving.
Keep improving.
Persist in progress.
Will to live on your terms.
You are the master.
Master of life.
Master of eliminating strife.
Master of progress.
Master of learning.
Master of improving.
Hone your skills and values.
Live life.
Base it on your values.
You are special.
Spread your message.

Flourish, for there are no limits.