Our top 6 web frameworks, ranked on my scale of likeness:

  1. Materialize CSS – we like that this framework is ultra-modern; sure it displays for users below IE 10, but let’s face it — it’s not 2010 anymore. Modern websites demand modern design. Materialize is built upon polymer/materialize principles pioneered by Google. Not only that, Materialize CSS includes a ton of JavaScript, which is tied to jQuery, an amazingly useful and very popular JavaScript library. PS – this website is built on it!
  2. Twitter Bootstrap – this amazing contribution by Twitter has taken the web by storm. There are tons of job requirements specifically mentioning Bootstrap now — that’s how important Bootstrap is to the modern web. Like Materialize, it too benefits from jQuery and there are vast amounts of ready-made templates — both free and paid — which are available. We will be releasing some of our own for free soon! Our creative partner’s website, ES Design, is built on Bootstrap!
  3. Kube – This is also a feature rich web framework. It’s modern and includes the components the above frameworks do too.
  4. Skel – A decent framework which certainly rivals the rest. This is also a popular option and is feature rich. We built the landing page for Trukhub Co on this!
  5. Pure CSS – This very light weight framework goes toe to toe with the big boys.
  6. Skeleton – Not to be confused with Skel, this is also an extremely lightweight framework. It, just like Pure CSS, rivals other, more bloated frameworks

What do I mean when I say lightweight? It means it performs, or loads, much faster because of the smaller file size. Skeleton is under 400 lines of code, whereas Bootstrap is easily in the thousands! Though, we can cut out code from bootstrap that we don’t need to achieve similar results — it just takes more, specialized work!

Although we’ve included links to each framework, it is highly recommended you consult with someone (like us!) to get your web project up and running. But — you can view each web frameworks documentation to get up and running withing the hour! Though, don’t expect it to look too pretty 🙂

See you next week with a free template!