I’m a newbie to machine learning, but I’ve always been fascinated by data science.

For me, now is a good opportunity to get my toes wet with machine learning since Google just open-sourced it’s AI — it’s called TensorFlow.

Why did Google Open-Source TensorFlow?

If TensorFlow is so great, why open source it rather than keep it proprietary? The answer is simpler than you might think: We believe that machine learning is a key ingredient to the innovative products and technologies of the future. Research in this area is global and growing fast, but lacks standard tools. By sharing what we believe to be one of the best machine learning toolboxes in the world, we hope to create an open standard for exchanging research ideas and putting machine learning in products. Google engineers really do use TensorFlow in user-facing products and services, and our research group intends to share TensorFlow implementations along side many of our research publications.

As I dig deeper into it, I’ll post more about it soon.

Source: TensorFlow