Vaporizers and ecigs are trendy and fun. Whether you use them to crush your tobacco smoking habit, or to indulge your oral fixation — vapes are useful. I’ve been through a handful of vaporizers and ecigs myself; from cheap ones from a mall kiosk to the expensive Pax 2.

One question that has never been truly answered in detail: Are vapes healthy for our lungs and body?

Let’s begin with a brief background about how our respiratory system works.

Our respiratory system is complex; air is fed through tubes, which are then broken up into what looks like branches of a tree, into smaller branches. Then, there are many, many millions of tiny air sacs which fill up with air, and then inject oxygen into our blood stream. Oxygen is essential, and so is the process by which our lungs work to keep our lifeblood flowing properly.

Now, when we vape — no matter the flavor — our respiratory system works to process vaporized “smoke” just as it would air from the environment.

The problem I see is that vape is not filtered by any means. The inhaled vape passes through our respiratory system — which then pass it directly into our bloodstream.

Is passing raw, unfiltered vaporized air into our lungs really safe?

Are current vapes on the market hurting our health without us knowing it?

The FDA is not involved, since it’s technically aromatherapy. There is pretty much no regulations on manufacturers of both the oils, or the Vaporizers and ecigs themselves. This is troubling to think about, actually…especially since I love vaping!

There is much research to be done, but asking these questions is the first step towards maintaining healthy lungs and a healthy life, all the while enjoying the vape life.