Hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women, and people are caught in the crossfire of a terrible war in Iraq. As “ISIS” is being defeated day-by day, innocent people are still being terrorized. This is fucking unacceptable.

The struggle for Mosul — which involves U.S. air power and an array of Iraqi ground forces — is the largest and most complex so far in the battle against Islamic State militants, who have been digging in for a fight. Residents who have recently fled the area and Iraqi officials with contacts inside the city say the Islamic State has been erecting concrete barricades and filling trenches with oil that can be set on fire to slow advancing forces. (Washington Post)

This poem was written with our heroes and the innocent children in mind. May they be safe during the Battle of Mosul, and may they rebuild and thrive shortly thereafter.

Though we’ll win the war

What of the poor

And the children

God, please protect the children

Watch over our fighters

As they march through hell

Dodging mines and booby traps

He is watching

The watcher from above

The watcher from within

We will win

Once we rebuild

We will thrive

Else we’ll die

For surviving is not the goal

Thriving is

Please God protect the innocent

I originally posted this on Huge Thinking – Iraq Poem.